Is your blog trapped at Typepad?

It’s difficult to migrate your blog from TypePad to a more modern and popular platform like WordPress because Typepad makes leaving their platform difficult by design.

The export files from Typepad are plain text files that provide no way to retain permalinks, move comments, or transfer images and other attachments.

So, when bloggers decide they want to migrate, they find themselves stuck, unable to move years or even decades of content without losing much of its value.

We liberate your data from Typepad.

We turn Typepad files into WordPress data, bringing your images, attachments, and links along for the ride.

By using WordPress’s own XML standard, our data converter and custom importer plugin preserve your data—including permalinks, images, and file attachments.

A Simple 3-Step Process


Create your .txt export file. In Typepad, navigate to Settings, then Import/Export.


Upload your .txt file here, enter your site details, and preview your WordPress XML conversion. Download for $49.


Upload to your self-hosted WordPress blog using the TP2WP Importer plugin and watch your images & other attachments transfer to WordPress.

Will TP2WP move all of my data?

Yes, all this is moved to your new WordPress blog:


Not only do we move all of your blog posts, we correct dozens of formatting problems common to Typepad export files.


To ensure that all images are moved, we rename all image files to include a proper file extension and strip out javascript pop-ups.


Any file associated with your domain or subdomains will be flagged in your converted XML data and imported to WordPress.


Our custom importer will automatically create new author profiles so you don’t have to create each profile manually.


We don’t use rely on link rewriting plugins. Instead, we convert your old permalinks to GUIDs, permanently preserving your incoming links and redirecting to your new URL structure.


We keep your community of readers happy by properly identifying and preserving comments that might otherwise be lost.


Keywords and categories will be preserved as WordPress tags and categories, respectively.


No one matches our unique approach to preserving incoming links, which is key to maintaining your hard-won search engine ranking.

Satisfied Customers

A big thanks to Cord Blomquist and his team, who figured out how to migrate our unruly archive of 86,000 posts from Typepad into WordPress.
Andrew Sullivan

Founder & Editor, The Dish

Cord Blomquist and his team made the impossible — a conversion of thousands of posts, images, comments and links from a dated web posting site to WordPress — smoother than could be imagined. Miracle workers!
Kit Stolz

Writer, A Change in the Wind

We were able to transfer all of the posts and integrate them into the brand new EVITE blog! I would definitely recommend this service.
Ryan Mitts

Creative Director, D6 Interactive

I would recommend the TP2WP valet service for any blogger or company looking to move from Typepad to WordPress.
Ashley Jones

Marketing Specialist, Crate & Barrel

We are glad we made the switch and very glad we chose TP2WP who handled the process impeccably and without downtime.
Alex Tabarrok

Professor & Blogger, Marginal Revolution

If any blog authors have similar needs, we highly recommend Cord. Let him know The Monkey Cage sent you.
John Sides

Professor & Blogger, The Monkey Cage

Upload your Typepad export file and convert to WordPress XML now.