The TP2WP Migration Process

Step 1: Export Your Data from TypePad

We show you how to export your data from Typepad using our TP2WP Demo Site.

Step 2: Convert Your Typepad Data to WordPress XML

In this demo we show you how to take the next step in converting your Typepad site to WordPress. Using the TP2WP conversion service, you’ll turn your .txt file from Typepad into WordPress XML. This will set the stage for the final step of the process, importing your data into WordPress.

Step 3: Import Your New XML File into WordPress

Using the new XML file you created via the TP2WP conversion service, you’ll now import your blog’s data and associated files into WordPress. This process begins with installing the TP2WP Importer plugin.

Additional How-To Guides

Create a Bluehost WordPress Installation

If you don’t already have WordPress up and running on a host, don’t worry. We’ve put together a quick visual guide for installing WordPress on a basic Bluehost account.

Move Your Bluehost WordPress Site from Temporary URL to a Domain Name

Our guide above show you how to setup your Bluehost WordPress installation at “temp URL” while you are using TP2WP tools to migrate your data.

When you’re ready to launch on a permanent domain name, you can follow this guide from Bluehost on how to move your site from its temporary address.