We Strongly Recommend Bluehost

We’ve tested Bluehost hosting services for compatibility with our TP2WP Importer plugin. So far, the results have been flawless.

We encourage you to use Bluehost or another host that meets or exceeds our minimum hosting requirements.

Please note that we cannot guarantee your results with any hosting company. We have tested on a variety of hosts, but given that we cannot control your hosting environment, we cannot ensure compatibility with any host.


Minimum Hosting Requirements

The TP2WP Importer requires the following to run successfully:

  • PHP memory limit of at least 256MB
  • PHP execution time of at least 180 seconds
  • PHP XML extension

If your host does not meet these minimum requirements, you should consider moving to dedicated or virtual dedicated hosting. Many discount or shared hosts do not meet these minimum requirements.

Test Your Hosting

The easiest way to test your hosting is to add the TP2WP Importer plugin to your WordPress installation and visit the Status Check tab.
TP2WP Importer Status Check
click to view a larger image of the TP2WP Importer Status Check